“It has such humanity to it!”

– Dale Bell, producer of the documentary Woodstock

“A perfectly timed film in the social message it provides - I was belly laughing, then crying.”

– Evan Fairbanks, cinematographer

“All of France needs to see this!”

– Mathias Thomer, Olympic coach for 2020 French skateboard team

“If your film has half the emotion that your trailer conveys, you’ll have a festival darling on your hands.”

– Penelope Spheeris, Director of Wayne’s World, The Decline of Western Civilization & Suburbia

“An absolute masterpiece… it will have skaters and non-skaters spellbound.”

– Michael Brooke, publisher of Concrete Wave

“Virgin Blacktop: a New York skate odyssey” is an uplifting and sometimes heart-breaking coming-of-age story about a super funky crew of suburban New York City kids.

When they met in 1977, they had nothing in common except a passion for skateboarding. Despite their vastly different ages, races and economic backgrounds and with their parents hands off approach, they formed a competitive, traveling team of spirited outsiders called the “Wizards”.

Now, nearly 40 years later, they remain friends but their lives have followed very different paths, from board rooms to jail cells.

Director Charlie Samuels, a filmmaker & photojournalist, has spent 24 years tracking down 1970’s 8mm film footage and documenting all nine lives. Documentary: 83 minutes.  Exhibition formats: .MOV, Apple ProRes 4444, Blu-ray and DCP with 5.1 sound mix.